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Senseo Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are pre-packaged ground coffee with their own filter. With a coffee pod brewer, this makes brewing coffee fast and simple. Just add water, insert the pod, and then brew. Within seconds you can start sipping on a hot, refreshing cup of coffee. CoffeeServ offers the greatest selection of gourmet coffee pods for the office with great brands such as Timothy’s, Wolfgang Puck, Melitta, and more.

  • Now Available.
  • Senseo Coffee Pods - Espresso 16ct
  • Coffee Pods - Decaffeinated Roast - 18ct
  • Coffee Pods - Cappuccino - 10ct
  • Coffee Pods - Dark Roast - 18ct
  • Coffee Pods - Killarney: Irish Creamery - 16ct
  • Coffee Pods - Medium Roast - 18ct
  • Coffee Pods - Mild Roast - 18ct
  • Coffee Pods - Paris: French Vanilla
  • Coffee Pods - Vienna: Hazelnut Waltz
  • Coffee Pods - Brazil Blend
  • Coffee Pods - Colombia Blend
  • Coffee Pods - Kenya Blend - 16ct
  • Coffee Pods - Sumatra Blend - 16ct

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