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Flavia Freshpacks
Mars Drinks

Mars Drinks provides you with specialty singleā€serve drink brands including ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS™, THE BRIGHT TEA CO.™ and DOVE® Hot Chocolate. We aim to serve all the hot drink needs of today’s and tomorrow’s office.

  • Now Available.
  • Alterra House Blend Coffee
  • Alterra Costa Rica Coffee
  • Alterra Morning Roast Coffee
  • Alterra Colombia Coffee
  • Alterra Foundry Blend Coffee
  • Alterra Kona Blend Coffee
  • Alterra Ethiopia Coffee
  • Alterra Kenya Coffee
  • Alterra Barista’s Blend Coffee
  • Alterra Espresso Roast Coffee
  • Alterra French Roast Coffee
  • Alterra Sumatra Coffee
  • Alterra Fench Vanilla Coffee
  • Alterra Hazelnut Coffee
  • Alterra House Bland Decaf Coffee
  • Alterra French Roast Decaf Coffee
  • The Bright Tea Co.™ Earl Grey Tea
  • The Bright Tea Co.™ English Breakfast Tea
  • The Bright Tea Co.™ Green Tea with Jasmine
  • The Bright Tea Co.™ Select Green Tea
  • The Bright Tea Co.™ Chai Spice Tea
  • The Bright Tea Co.™ White Tea with Orange
  • The Bright Tea Co.™ Lemon Hebral Tea
  • The Bright Tea Co.™ Peppermint Herbal Tea
  • The Bright Tea Co.™ Raspberry Herbal Tea
  • DOVE® Hot Chocolate
  • Flavia® Cappuccino / Latte Swirl
  • Flavia® Milkyway® Swirl

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